Our Methods of Protection

The Clorox Total 360 machine spraying disinfectant system is the only EPA certified system in the world.
This sprayer system uses electrostatically charged particles, which means the solution is attracted to surfaces with a force stronger than gravity and uniformly coats even hard to reach surfaces.Upkeep Maintenance is currently the only company in town that carries this system.

Our staff follows all safety best practices by wearing masks and gloves, as well as using hand sanitizer. We change gloves and wash hands between customer spaces to ensure we do not transfer the virus between buildings.We have separate equipment for each customer space to avoid cross contamination, and all employees practice safe social distancing to minimize the risk of our staff contracting the virus.

We clean with high quality Quaternary disinfectants with fast dwell times, killing viruses in only 2 minutes.
Standard disinfectants use a 10 minute dwell time, which requires a surface to stay wet for the entire 10 minutes.The 10 minute period required by standard disinfectants is unrealistic, while our 2 minute time frame is easily achievable.
We wipe all easily accessible touch points with the high quality disinfectants.