Janitorial and custodial staff members play an essential role in keeping commercial buildings clean, safe and healthy for those who visit or work in them. One tool often used to remove dust from surfaces is the feather duster — but not all feather dusters are made equal! Investing in high quality feather dusters provides many benefits that make them invaluable to janitors, here are a few:

  1. Easier Clean-Up – Most high-end feather dusters are made with real feathers, such as ostrich, which can easily pick up tiny particles of dirt and dust without leaving behind residue or streaks. This makes it easier for staff members to keep surfaces looking spotless rather than having to resort to using wet wipes or cloths.
  2. Long Lasting Material – Most high-quality feather dusters are designed to last longer than traditional models due their robust construction — they won’t become limp or lose their shape after just a few uses like cheaper alternatives would. This makes them ideal for extended use without needing to replace them as often.
  3. Safe For Delicate Surfaces – High end feather dusters will not cause any harm to delicate objects like paintings or electronics, something that cannot be said about other cleaning tools like vacuum cleaners which could potentially scratch the surface of these items if used incorrectly.

High quality feather dusters are an essential tool for janitorial teams due to their effective cleaning power and their compatibility with delicate surfaces; investing in ones made from robust materials like ostrich will ensure your staff members have reliable and long-lasting equipment at their disposal!