As a building owner or manager, you know that keeping your floors in good condition is important for the overall appearance of your property. One way to do this is to have them stripping and waxing on a regular basis. But what exactly is involved in this process? Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect when you have your floors stripped and waxed by a professional company.

1.What is VCT flooring

VCT flooring is a popular and cost-friendly option for many commercial businesses as well as medical facilities. It is composed of vinyl tiles which are extremely durable, easily maintained and come in several attractive colors and patterns. VCT Flooring has a glossy finish, mainly due to the protective coating which makes it perfect for high traffic areas such as medical clinic waiting rooms or office break rooms. In addition to being highly practical, it also looks great from floor to ceiling without compromising on quality or design. For medical clinics especially, VCT Flooring provides a clean and professional aesthetic that can help boost patient confidence in the medical facility.

2.The benefits of stripping and waxing VCT floors

Stripping and waxing VCT floors is a beneficial, but often overlooked floor care solution. This process ensures ease of cleaning and a lasting shine that can last for months at a time. It involves thoroughly stripping the floor of its existing finish and deep-cleaning the surface to remove all traces of dirt, soil, oil, and other substances that have built up over time. Then, a fresh layer of wax is applied which will protect the VCT from wear and traffic so it looks great for longer. Not only does this process provide ease of cleaning and increased longevity, it also helps maintain the original color of the VCT tile so your floor always looks vibrant and new.

3.How to strip and wax VCT floors

Stripping and waxing VCT floors is an important part of regular floor maintenance that should not be neglected. Stripping involves using the right chemicals to strip off the old wax, dirt, and grime. Once the old coating has been removed, it’s best to scrub the floor with a specially-made scrub machine and pick up most of the slurry you created. Then you will want to neutralize the floor so that all traces of previous run-off are eliminated before applying new wax. Lastly, use a specific formulation and lay down two or more coats of wax for best results. Such upkeep practices can extend the life of your VCT floors by encouraging faster cleaning capabilities.

4.The best products to use when stripping and waxing VCT floors

When stripping and waxing Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) floors, cotton mops and microfiber wax mops are essential for making sure your cleanup is thorough. As far as products to use, two of the best on the market are by SC Johnson and Spartain. With either one, you’ll get a deep clean that will give your VCT floor that shine you’re looking for. When using SC Johnson products, their commercial-grade chemical tools offer the highest degree of protection for exceptional overall performance. Spartain products are also extremely useful for obtaining optimal results in highly trafficked areas due to their low odor solvent-based formulations. All told, cotton mops and microfiber wax mops paired with SP Johnson or Spartain products make up an unbeatable combination when it comes to stripping and waxing VCT floors.

5.Common mistakes made when stripping and waxing VCT floors

Stripping and waxing VCT (vinyl composite tile) floors can be tricky if you don’t know the right techniques. Common mistakes include using too much stripper, leaving it on for too long, not scrubbing enough, and not removing all existing wax before adding new layers. Additionally, many people neglect to allow the newly stripped surface to dry completely before they begin applying wax coats. This can lead to streaks and an uneven overall finish. Finally, another costly mistake is forgetting to remove old finish around baseboards and other tight areas of the floor, leading to visible lines that draw attention away from the newly waxed VCT floor covering. With a thorough understanding of all the necessary steps in stripping and waxing vinyl composite tiles, you can ensure your final product will look perfect every time.


VCT flooring is a great option for businesses because it is durable and easy to maintain. Stripping and waxing VCT floors on a regular basis will keep them looking their best and extend the life of the flooring. When stripping and waxing VCT floors, be sure to use the right products and avoid common mistakes. If you need help stripping and waxing your VCT floors, call us for a quote. Our experienced team can get the job done quickly and efficiently.